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Guardians chefredaktör om annonser och bloggar

"It is about time the advertising industry became genuinely excited about online advertising and put a bit more creative and planning effort into understanding it. Some agencies are developing excellence in this area, but too many of them are still ignoring the web and hoping it will go away. (...)

In the next few weeks we are launching a major new blog for all our commentators plus outside bloggers, academics, writers and journalists, called Comment is Free (you'll be reading more about it here in the next week or two).

As part of that launch we will only be spending money on advertising on other blogs, rather than traditional media. The viral power of the blogosphere, when harnessed correctly, can deliver far better results than much more expensive advertising on radio, television, or even print."
Emily Bell: Online advertisers are getting the message about the medium, Guardian, 4 mars 2006

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08 mar 2006


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