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Staten och familjen

Apropå vad Brown säger om familjen kontra staten: Paul Krugman i NY Times om skillnader mellan det franska (europeiska) och amerikanska samhället:
"...the members of that French family are compensated for their lower income with much more time together. Fully employed French workers average about seven weeks of paid vacation a year. In America, that figure is less than four."

"American conservatives despise European welfare states like France. Yet many of them stress the importance of 'family values.' And whatever else you may say about French economic policies, they seem extremely supportive of the family as an institution..."

"[I]n this case, government regulations actually allow people to make a desirable tradeoff - to modestly lower income in return for more time with friends and family - the kind of deal an individual would find hard to negotiate."

"So which society has made the better choice?"
NY Times: French Family Values, 29 juli 2005

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30 jul 2005


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