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Lär dig döda med videospel

Två artiklar om militär träning och rekrytering via dataspel:
"The universe of online computer games is home to 200,000 players at any time. It's also where you can find the newest innovation in military recruitement. Check out America's Army, a state-of-the art computer game featuring 3-D graphics, surround sound and the most advanced gaming technology available. It's as entertaining as current favorites Counterstrike or Doom, but there's a different agenda at work. Unlike commercial games designed to make big money, the aim of this taxpayer-funded project is to generate Army recruits.

In 1999, recruitment numbers hit their lowest point in thirty years. In response, Congress called for "aggressive, innovative experiments" to find new soldiers, and the Defense Department jacked up recruitment budgets to $2.2 billion a year. Hence we have America's Army, one of a number of new initiatives designed to help the military reach America's youth. The game consists of two parts: Soldiers: Empower Yourself, a role-playing segment that instills Army "values," and the more violent (read: entertaining) Operations: Defend Freedom, a first-person combat simulator where players engage in virtual warfare over the Internet. (...)

But there is a difference between realistic detail and actual reality, and as a depiction of Army life America's Army is, to say the least, misleading. Despite the game's neurotic commitment to accuracy elsewhere, the small detail about killing people is brushed over gingerly. 'We were very careful on the blood thing,' says Boyce. There are no sound effects when players are shot; only a small red blotch appears, similar to a paintball hit. The sanitizing of violence also aids marketing efforts by earning the game a teen rating.

Players learn, in this army, that war is fun."
The Nation: " 'America's Army' Targets Youth (23 aug)

"For the past three years, the military has been entertaining the surprising idea that video games, even those that you play on a commerical system like Microsoft's Xbox, can be an effective way to train soldiers. In fact, the Army is now one of the industry's most innovative creators, hiring high-end programmers and designers from Silicon Valley and Hollywood to devise and refine its games."
NY Times:The Making of an X Box Warrior, 22 aug
Uppdatering: Se också Verklighetens födda mördare, Blind Höna 5 dec 2003

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24 aug 2004

En reträttplats för George Bush

... efter presidentvalet i USA?


(thanks, Roland!)

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21 aug 2004

Mer tyskt: arbetsmiljö-schreck

Gaffeltruckföraren KlausSplatter och gore i arbetsmiljöarbetet: Gaffeltruckföraren Klaus första dag på jobbet (stor wmv-film, 17 MB). Känsliga individer varnas.

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20 aug 2004

Runda hörn i Berlin


Jag är inte expert på arkitektur, men det kändes som om sättet att låta husen rundas mjukt i gathörnen var något speciellt för Berlin. Mycket funkiskänsla; ny-funkis kanske, för många av husen var nybyggda.

Ofta utnyttjades rundningen till att bryta fasaden på ett sätt som inte låter sig göras med ett rätlinjigt, vanligt hörn; man fogade in panoramafönster eller någon annan utsmyckning, vilket i hög grad gav byggnaden sin speciella uttryck, sin signatur.

Och detta i ett land som jag tidigare förknippat med mottot på Ritter sport-chokladkakorna (fördelar i kvalitetsordning?): "Quadratisch, praktisch, gut!". (Numera dock, i sanningens namn, utbytt till det vekare "Qualität im quadrat".)

Jo, Hönan har flaxat runt i Europa och Sverige i sommar, men är nu tillbaka i redet och har börjat picka och leta. Mer kommer.

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Webbloggar i skolan

"Classroom Web logs, or blogs, many of which got their start in the last school year, are becoming increasingly popular with teachers like Mrs. Dudiak as a forum for expression for students as young as the second-grade level and in almost any subject. In the blogs, students write about how they attacked a tough math problem, post observations about their science experiments or display their latest art projects.

For teachers, blogs are attractive because they require little effort to maintain, unlike more elaborate classroom Web sites, which were once heralded as a boon for teaching. (...)

... ease of use is the primary reason that Peter Grunwald, an education consultant, predicts that blogs will eventually become a more successful teaching tool than Web sites."
The New York Times: In the Classroom, Web Logs Are the New Bulletin Boards (19 augusti 2004)

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Linton Kwesi Johnson


Reggaepoeten Linton Kwesi Johnson på Mosebacke, kompad av Dennis Bovell Dub Band, 12 augusti 2004. Sonny's lettah och Fite dem back från Forces of victory och More time, Reggae fi Bernard, License fi kill och Reggae fi May Ayim från More time. Hur bra som helst.

På webben:

Uppdatering - ytterligare ett par länkar: Inglan Is A Bitch

Artistdirect: Linton Kwesi Johnson (biografi)

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13 aug 2004

Yet another Swedish stud

Man kunde tro att artikeln "Plenty of fanciers likely for Swedish stud" i nyazeeländska Otago Daily Times också skulle handla om Svennis. Men det gör den inte.

(Om texten inte dyker upp på sidan, pröva att ladda om sidan.)

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02 aug 2004
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