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Fyra nyanser av nätverk (2): Dela ut din musiksmak

Nu delar vi inte bara text (i bloggar), bokmärken (på eller andra sajter), bilder (med Flickr eller andra fotalbum), utan också musikpreferenser - på eller som en egen playlist eller iMix på iTunes.
"By the time another October arrived, Saylors had amassed a sizable collection of some of the most heartbreaking music to be found on iTunes. And nearly all of it had been recommended not by professional critics or some sort of Amazonian collaborative filtering bot, but by people who - judging from notes posted with their iMixes or just the song selections alone - seemed to Justine to be much like herself: hurting, missing someone special, reaching out."
Downloading Empathy to Your iPod
Delade spellistor kommer att driva musikhandeln, tror Gartner:
But as personal and private as they can be, such playlists are expected to have a significant impact on online music distribution and sales, according to one recent study by market research firm Gartner Inc. and Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet and Society. By the year 2010, the study predicts, 25 percent of online music-store transactions will be driven by people like Saylors."

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07 mar 2006


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