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Skärt eller stjärt: manligt och kvinnligt i prylvärlden

Ett skärt skal i kavajfickan - är det verkligen vad kvinnor uppskattar, undrar apropå Motorolas nya skära Razr-telefon.

Strax intill det inlägget länkar Guardian till
Mark Morfords förutsägelse om "porncasting" för Apples nya video-iPod:
"...after all, who the hell wants to pay for some old show on a 2.5-inch screen? Isn't that why God invented 100-inch plasma TVs and cheap DVD players and laziness and beer? Damn right.

Did you already figure it out? Of course you did. Porn is the answer. (...)

The video iPod is the ideal companion. The perfect secret titillation device. You do not need any extra gear. You need no space, no PC, no TV, no DVDs -- nothing whatsoever. (...) This is the biggest selling point of all: infinite portability, combined with near-perfect privacy. It will be the businessman's friend. The traveler's dream. The college student's beloved late-night study pal. Take it camping. Take it to the office restroom. Watch it on awkward family vacations, in the airplane bathroom, in church. (...)

Oh, do not mention screen size. Do not dare suggest that men will balk at watching hot sex on such a tiny display. It has been proved over 5 million years of intensive study that men can become aroused at sexual images the size of a speck of dust from 50 feet away. You know it's true."
Tusen snygga stjärtar i kavajfickan - är det verkligen vad män uppskattar?

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22 okt 2005


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