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"Failure is what moves you forward. Listen to failure."
Om den andre Steve i Apple, Steve Wozniak - den geniale konstruktören av Apple II, den sista datorn som helt designades av en enda människa - i Harvard Business School's nyhetsbrev:
"Linda Stone, a former executive at both Apple Computer and Microsoft, recalls a conversation she participated in with Steve Wozniak and Dean Kamen, perhaps the two best-known living inventors.

'I'll never forget it,' Stone says. 'They just were talking about all their failures, and how they both felt like failures.' They were almost bragging about various laboratory fiascoes and catastrophes. Given their success, this seemed extraordinary. ... [But] Wozniak and Kamen clearly weren't talking about their failures as a way of feeling sorry for themselves. Rather, they were identifying with a thinking strategy they both had in common. 'Every failure is a learning experience,' concludes Stone, 'and it should be seen as part of progress.' "
Working Knowledge: What Steve Wozniak Learned From Failure (13 sep 2004)
Efter att ha misslyckats med sitt post-Apple-projekt - en universiell fjärrkontroll (!) - bytte Steve bana:
"But maybe Woz was just responding to failure in his own way. His style of inventing complex electronics all by himself was no longer applicable in a world made infinitely more complex by his own invention. He decided to specialize, to immerse himself in the one component of the computer that was most prone to failure, the only part he still found interesting: the user, particularly the young user, the kid in school. He was taking a giant detour. While dabbling in philanthropy, he delved into the practice of teaching and the study of learning, more specifically how children use computers to learn. He did this for nearly fifteen years, during which time more of his fortune evaporated.

Then, in January 2001, gathering all he had learned, Wozniak got back into the game of invention. Now in his early fifties, he started a company called WOZ (for Wheels of Zeus) and secretly began building prototypes and showing them to potential investors. He called WOZ 'a new wireless products company to help everyday people do everyday things.' He was inspired by his dog outsmarting and escaping the electric fence in the yard one too many times."
Steve Wozniak på The Original Macintosh: Anecdotes about the development of Apple's original Macintosh computer, and the people who created it.
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27 sep 2004


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