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Folkmord i Sudan

Silent witnesses: 20 million civilians lost to the world
The innocent are the first casualties of war. Yesterday the UN admitted that it is powerless to help.
Artikel i The Independent, med fokus på situationen i Sudan, 16 juni
Genocide - present tense
"A while back we talked about the New York Times' decision to acknowledge that the Armenian Holocaust is properly referred to as genocide. It took them 89 years. I guess better late than never. Other than a few Turkish heroes who defied their government to save Armenians, no one did anything. With the exception of Denmark, no government acted specifically to stop the Holocaust in World War II. Ten years ago in Rwanda, no one stopped the Tutsi Holocaust.

In the Darfur region of the Sudan the Holocaust is happening again, and no one is doing a damn thing to stop it. Sudanese Arabs are killing and driving out Africans. According to USAID Administrator Roger Winter (Testimony before the US House of Representatives, April 1, 2004):
'The government is arming Arab militias to systematically attack civilians, while engaging in a policy of terror, murder, rape, and devastation. This is forcing a mass migration of hundreds of thousands in what amounts to an ethnic cleansing campaign.' (...)

The European Union finally got around to issuing a mild declaration on May 26th. The Arab League managed to issue a press release ...

Genocide is an obscene word that should be used only in reference to the past. We have the chance to bring that about. Let's do it."
Bill Poser i Language Log: Genocide - present tense, 8 juni
Länkar: Human Rights Watch om Sudan

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17 jun 2004


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