Kommentarer: "the whole world will be more free world and a global free world and a freer society"

Oh. My. God. Det är roligaste jag har sett tills nu om valet. Jag hoppas att republikaner kommer att fördöma den här utlänningarna, som försöker påverka Amerikanska valet.

Kommentar från Stefan, november 2, 2004 12:13 FM

Wow, han låter till och med som Bush!

Kommentar från Calle, november 2, 2004 06:21 FM

Hope Osama doesn't read this. He might reconsider not attacking.

Kommentar från Hans, november 2, 2004 07:33 FM

Oj, jo, oj - puckon finns bland alla folkslag, så varför skulle inte vi svenskar ha vår dos?
Men måste de skylta med sin dumhet?

Kommentar från Chadie, november 2, 2004 07:54 FM

Nå, de sattes ju att jobba i Texas, en stat där de - eftersom den lär vara säkrad för Bush - kan göra så lite skada (ur republikansk synvinkel) som möjligt ...

Kommentar från jonas, november 2, 2004 08:59 FM

Pretty typical of how american media - I must say that our local TV stations here in Austin, Texas aren't really particularly on the forefront of journalism - have been treating this election. Like you pointed out in an earlier post, Bush is getting much more coverage than Kerry. This coverage by KXAN seems to be directed to show that even the world is behind Bush, when the contrary is true. While the world thinks Bush is arrogant, dangerous, stupid, and generally harmful to the world, KXAN parades two apparent swedish nutcases ("puckon"). A tactic to divert attention from reality. It is somewhat reminiscent of having Zell Miller as their keynote speaker at the convention - A Democrat Pucko if there ever was one.

The contrary is quite clearly the case. The world hates Bush. But KXAN is seems to ignore that. As a former member of Moderata Ungdomsförbundet I am very disappointed that someone associated with Moderaterna is here in my fair city prosletyzing for Bush. Don't they realize that Bush is very far to the right of Moderaterna? I am disgusted! What an embarassment for Sweden. Having lived here for thirty years, I have never been as much against an incumbent president as I am now. To have two Swedish politicians come here and work the phone banks for Bush, ... polite language is inadequate to express how I feel.

And I will make a point of telling persons I know who live here and hate Bush but vote for Moderaterna about this.

Personally, I haven't voted in a Swedish election in years. In local elections here, I have made a policy of voting straight-ticket Democrat so as to attempt to not vote for anyone who is a supporter for Bush. In elections where no Democrat ran, holding my nose, I voted for the Libertarian candidate. Perhaps, I'll extend that policy and start voting in Swedish elections - against anyone supporting Bush. Since not voting is like casting half of a vote for the opposition, I suppose it is time I start thinking about voting in Swedish elections.

If I return to Sweden as I am leaning for if Bush is re-elected, I will have an open mind about which political party I will support. However, it is unlikely to be for anyone who has Bush supporters in their midst.

Kommentar från pehr jansson, november 2, 2004 05:01 EM

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