Kommentarer: Webbloggar som alternativt intranät

Interesting (pardon the English, I can read Swedish but am a bit insecure in writing it) concept - I have been advocating using Wikis for documentation in large companies for quite some time, not with much success so far, mostly because people are afraid to lose control. But the interesting question is really "Under which circumstances do Wikis work, or blogs, and when do they not work?" There are, of course, always the usual collaboration problems (shyness, incentives, knowledge hoarding, resources) but in addition, for Wikis, I see a categorization problem - they are excellent for creating many interlinked articles but not good for driving linear projects or linear content, which is still what large corporations demand.....

Kommentar från Espen, september 30, 2004 05:11 EM

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