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Nix - inte min. Än. Fast snart.

Men Don Norman har precis igår (23 sep 2006) publicerat Cautions Cars & Cantankerous Kitchens - ett utkast till kapitel 1 ur kommande boken "The Design of Future Things".
"The technologists will try to reassure us by explaining that all technologies start off by being weak and underpowered, but eventually their deficits are overcome and they become safe and trustworthy. 'Don't get excited,' they say, calmly, 'all the problems you speak of are true, but this is just a temporary situation. Every problem you mention can be cured – and will be, Relax. Wait. Have patience.'
Their message is sensible and logical. And they have been saying it since the beginnings of the machine age. At one level they are correct. Steam engines that propelled trains and steamships used to explode, killing many: they seldom do anymore. Early aircraft crashed frequently. Today they hardly ever do. (...)

But faster than we can solve the old problems, new technologies and new gadgets will appear. The rate at which new technologies are being introduced into society increases each year, a trend that has been true for hundreds of years. Lots of new devices, lots of potential benefits, and lots of new, unanticipated ways to go wrong. Over time, our lives become better and safer, worse and more dangerous, simultaneously. Do we really only need more patience?

No. I believe the problems that we face with technology are fundamental. They cannot be overcome. We need a new approach.

I am a technologist. I believe in making lives richer and more rewarding through the use of science and technology. But that is not where our present path is taking us. We need a calmer, more reliable, more humane approach (...)

We have become servants to our machines."
Vilket i princip är exakt vad jag försöker säga i min bok. Också.

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24 sep 2006


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