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John le Carré om Libanon

"On 12 July 2006 the Israeli chief-of-staff granted us an insight into the subtleties of his nation's military thinking. The military operations being planned for the Lebanon, he told us, would 'turn back the clock by twenty years'. Well, I was there twenty years ago, and it wasn't a pretty picture."
John Le Carré: Lebanon, Lebanon. OpenDemocracy, 29 aug 2006.
Då skrev han förstås The little drummer girl - en av de få Carré-böcker jag inte läst.
"So answer me this one, please. If you kill a hundred innocent civilians and one terrorist, are you winning or losing the war on terror? 'Ah', you may reply, 'but that one terrorist could kill two hundred people, a thousand, more!' But then comes another question: if, by killing a hundred innocent people, you are creating five new terrorists in the future, and a popular base clamouring to give them aid and comfort, have you achieved a net gain for future generations of your countrymen, or created the enemy you deserve?"

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05 sep 2006


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