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"A muted mood piece full of busted, quiet detail, the film tells the story of shy, rural Virginia mechanic, who spends his days fixing Saabs and Volvos ..."
Inte riktigt Macken på amerikanska i alla fall. Derek Siegs film Swedish Auto har haft premiär.

"Establishes a strong sense of mood and place in this unromanticized slice of blue-collar Americana (...) Sieg and his actors do a fine job of building this relationship and exploring these characters with a patience uncommon in today's hurried cinema. Consequently, despite the all-American nature of the characters and locale, 'Swedish Auto' feels at times like a European film", tycker Hollywood reporter.

"A bit too reticent for its own good, despite its genuinely rooted sense of place (...) imbued with beautifully reserved visuals and thoughtful performances, but not necessarily enough native, realistic drama," säger å andra sidan Now Playing Magazine.

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02 jul 2006


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