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"But the national attention [Daily Kos] has been getting is not the most interesting part of the entire process. What is most striking is the way people are learning to use the technology to connect with on-the-ground reality."

"...virtually everyone I talked to who was out knocking on doors for Kerry had begun the year supporting either Dean or the other Internet favorite, General Wesley Clark.
New York Review of Books: The The Hope of the Web (27 april 2006)
Bill McKibben recenserar Crashing the Gate: Netroots, Grassroots, and the Rise of People-Powered Politics av Jerome Armstrong and Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, teamet bakom aktivistbloggen Daily Kos. (Massor av kompletterande material finns på bokens egen sida hos förlaget, Chelsea Green.)

McKibben är i stort hoppfull inför möjligheterna att nätet ska kunna blåsa nytt liv i den amerikanska politiken - både dess former och dess innehåll:
"When we consider Kos's own Web site and its numerous links to other blogs, we see something like an expanding hive of communication, a collective intelligence. And the results can be impressive. A writer with the pen name (mouse name) Jerome ā Paris, for instance, organized dozens of other Kossacks interested in energy policy to write an energy plan that I find far more comprehensive and thoughtful than anything the think tanks have produced. It's been read and reshaped by thousands of readers; it will serve as a useful model should the Democrats retake Congress and have the ability to move legislation. The blogs began as purely reactive and bloggers still spend much of their energy responding to the 'mainstream media.' But a kind of proto-journalism is emerging, and becoming steadily more sophisticated. (...)

Some of the discourse is less edifying, of course. There is much familiar and often tiresome ranting at the Bush administration, at intelligent design advocates, at Fox News. But much of that disappears when there are specific factual issues to be addressed."

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12 maj 2006


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