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The Future's So Bright...

... I've gotta wear shades.
Mer dialog kring civilisationskritik i Fast Company, där Shannon O'Brien, gymnasist från Kalifornien är den teknik-pessimistiska, oroade, och John Seely Brown, som är före detta chefsforskare på Xerox PARC och borde vara i 65-årsåldern, är den positive.
O'Brien: ... Technology can bring fun to your day (Xbox, TiVo), but it also keeps people from communicating and bonding like they used to. Many teenagers instant-message instead of having actual relationships. Everyone rushes through the streets jabbering on their cell phones, iPods stuck in their ears. No one has time to be close to, well, anyone. And who are our role models? Britney Spears? 50 Cent? I hope not. The media has pumped my generation with images of superficiality, violence, drugs and alcohol, and casual sex.

Brown: There are a couple of points where I'd differ with you. First, the Net is letting us build dense human networks that stretch the globe. Today, three years after leaving Xerox PARC and self-employed, I have access to library resources richer than ever and to colleagues scattered all over--partly because of the new connections the Net has provided.
And about mass media: Yes, much of it has sunk to the lowest level. But digital tools and the Net have enabled many more of us to distribute our own movies and documentaries. We have an emerging blogosphere that acts as a media watchdog and allows new forms of participatory democracy. Thus, we now have much more powerful ways for your generation to give voice to your vision of the future.
"The Future's So Bright..." finns i en kort version (tidningens) och en längre (bara på nätet)

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24 apr 2006


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