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Fyra nyanser av nätverk (4): Decentraliserade varningssystem

Den viktigaste artikeln i den här blandade kvartetten är alldeles säkert Reinventing 911 - How a swarm of networked citizens is building a better emergency broadcast system (Wired 13.12)

En intressant argumentation för att nätverkade, öppna system är bättre än centraliserade och specialiserade ... till och med i ett krisberedskapssystem. Dels på grund av redundans som ger hållfasthet i systemet, men även för att de underlättar för människor att improvisera intelligent:

"The principles [for increasing resistance to asymmetrical threats] are well known: Use uncomplicated parts, encourage redundancy, and open the system to public examination so flaws can be discovered and fixed before they become catastrophic. The key is not to anticipate every problem, but to create flexible networks that can route around failure. Yet ever since 9/11, the security establishment has gone in the opposite direction, building highly specialized tools, centralizing control, and increasing secrecy. (...)

Now I've come to take a look at a different set of tools, constructed outside the control of the federal government and based on the notion that the easier it is for me to find out about a loose dog tying up traffic, the safer I am from a terrorist attack (...) In the system Botterell created for California, warnings are sucked up from an array of sources and sent automatically to users throughout the state."

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08 mar 2006


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