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Företag trålar efter trender i den samlade personliga publiceringen:
"For companies like ConAgra, the individual opinions blasted out in cyberspace are becoming an increasingly powerful force. Together, they form the fabric of online word of mouth that can determine the hottest new product, make or break a TV show, or set off a customer revolt. Eager to tap into the buzz, a growing number of companies are turning to sophisticated new technologies that track what's said on Internet social networks, blogs, message boards, product review sites, 'listservs' - wherever people congregate publicly online. (...)

Jill Manty, who ran an Olympics blog (...) was just one in the nonstop conversation across the Internet, where millions of blogs compete for attention. But in the banter that forms Internet word of mouth, her lone opinion reverberates.

'It surprises me that it is possible to create something that can have that much impact on how people view what's going on in society,' Manty said of her blog."
Washington Post: Blog Buzz Helps Companies Catch Trends in the Making, 3 mars 2006

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07 mar 2006


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