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Al-Jazira bloggar

Personalen på TV-kanalen Al-Jazira bloggar på Dont bomb us, berättar Guardian:
"The title indicates the reason for the blog's existence. It was set up by al-Jazeera staffers as a response to reports of a British memo documenting alleged remarks by Mr Bush that he would like to bomb their workplace. (...) [It] serves to set out how normal the people who work there are.

Ned, a Canadian, explains he left Toronto for Doha not 'to make any grand statement or to perform aggressive acts against the west' but the chance of 'no taxes, easy winters and to get out of Canada's stagnating television industry.' He writes that al-Jazeera employees are 'the same as employees everywhere: Canadian, Asian, African, European, American - wherever.'

'Like many of my fellow employees, I spend my days basically pushing paper and making a few decisions when necessary. We have families, we have people who rely on us to provide a home and we work in small ways for something better for ourselves and the people we love. Nothing more.' "
Guardian News blogAl-Jazeera staff: Please don't bomb us, 30 nov 2005

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01 dec 2005


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