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Kollaborativ radio (bortom the phone-in)

"A new Public Radio International program, 'Open Source from P.R.I.,' will test whether the collective intelligence permeating the Web can make not just loud radio, but smart radio. (...)

Listeners are invited to make suggestions on Open Source's blog, where they are openly posted along with ideas from the program's five producers. When the comment flow starts and suggestions are made - including recommendations for guests - the audience can watch the program come together, sometimes over the course of a week, other times in an afternoon. (...)

There are always people in the radio audience who know more on the topics being discussed on the air."
NY Times: A Radio Program Turns to a Blog to Cull Ideas (25 juli)
Lite phone-in också, dock:
"Mr. Greeley is working on technology that will collect listener voice mail, convert it to an mp3 and immediately upload it to the blog's comment thread as the messages are left. The sound bites will also be played on the air."

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30 jul 2005


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