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Apropå föregående: Edward Tenner om böcker. Det har aldrig tryckts så mycket böcker som nu, konstaterar han i So Many Books, So Few Readers:
"Ten years ago the printed word seemed a noble anachronism crushed between televised entertainment and burgeoning electronic information resources, from CD-ROMs and audio books to online hypertext. Today, many would-be replacements of books have vanished, while conventional print marches on. The Association of American Publishers recently reported a 36 percent increase in book sales since 1997 - a modest performance by the standards of DVDs and videogames, but bubble-proof.

In 1895, even before the commercial success of Thomas Edison's phonograph, a pair of French satirists only half-jokingly published a chapter on 'The End of the Book' that predicted its replacement by audio media. The authors even included a drawing of a climber on a mountaintop with a proto-Walkman."
Relaterat på Blind Höna: Det skrivna ordets död, 12 juni 2005

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21 sep 2005


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