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Påverkade franska bloggare EU-valet?

"The prognosis for the EU appears distinctly gloomy. And it seems few people are happier - indeed few contributed more as a bloc to the outcome - than 'Les Bloggeurs'.

There seems to be a universal natural tendency on the part of those who generally take up an anti-establishment cause to appropriate the latest technological craze, in this case the blogosphere, in order to lay claim to its trendiness and its supposed - if not actual - ability to undermine authority.

The demographic split in France's 55-to-45 victory for the 'no' campaign was interesting. 'Yes' voters tended to be richer, better educated and - one might assume - better equipped to utilise new technology. Yet it was the 'no' campaigners who were able to demonstrate the democratising effect of blogs and the Web. (...)

So while the 'no' campaign appeared to harness the power of the Web effectively, there have been admissions during a gloomy post-mortem on the part of pro-treaty supporters that their side simply did not do enough to engage in the online debate, coming late to the realization of its importance and, as a result, largely ceding the contested intellectual space to their opponents."
Steve McGookin: Blog Muscle In Europe,, 3 juni 2005
(Tack, Nils, för tipset!)

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08 jun 2005


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