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"[S]tudents Jeremy Stribling, Daniel Aguayo and Maxwell Krohn of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology wrote a program to generate a nonsense paper.

Starting with skeleton sentences, pools of nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs, and a random assortment of computer science jargon, the program produced a grammatically correct yet utterly nonsensical paper titled: Rooter: a methodology for the typical unification of access points and redundancy. 'This isn't artificial intelligence, it's the dirt-simplest way we could think to do this,' Stribling says.

The conference organisers say that the paper was sent to human reviewers, who never commented on it, so it ended up being automatically accepted."
New Scientist: Randomly-generated 'scientific paper' accepted, 23 april 2005
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30 apr 2005


Sånt här har gjorts länge.
På The Post-Modernist Scholarship Generator
( ) har sånt här pågått i åratal.

Från: Jan Wiklund | Skickat vid: 2:47, 03 maj 2005

Jan: Tack för länken! Men hur ofta händer det att nonsen också blir accepterat till tidningar eller konferenser?

Från: jonas | Skickat vid: 4:12, 03 maj 2005

Har just visat dessa länkar för mina kollegor på utbildn ingsavdelningen. Det gjorde succé. :)

De producerar just nu en ny omgång e-kurser. De är bra; lagom korta avsnitt, flexibel ordning, bra kombination av text och bild. Men ibland vill säljarna ha en utbildning som är obegriplig, så att kunden istället ska beställa våra konsulttjänster. Då kan såna här verktyg vara utmärkta hjälpmedel. Eller..?

Från: Håkan (hakke) | Skickat vid: 22:45, 11 maj 2005

cruise ships be dreamland for the sex thanks to 80 per cent in individuals recognizing to getting frisky aboard

condoms are biggest banking supplying number very important to those heading embark on a vacation cruise.

an innovative take a look at using 200,000 luxury cruise anyone in the car owns says prophylactics lead selection of items' requires that they whereas these websites undertaking or else days at sea weeks.

most contemporary cruise lines are merely bad supplied to positively assist in these kind of own personal needs, by using 70 % neglecting to sell condoms aboard and even 80 warships of 't supplying the day upon pill.

a handful of cruiselines, similar to noble caribbean and as well as MSC, Do supply website accessibility condoms, having a baby guides since lube.

P Cunard and / or romantic provde the snack subsequently, after ultimate solution.

approximately 30 percent of individuals surveyed concerning intimate plays mobile luxury cruise ships happened to be outdated 65 and over

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should not jiggle out of bed! thrill interested in climbers campy on. It's the jewel! designers format amethyst encouraged hotels. may be turbulence life-threatening and may thunder or wind storms 'drag down' a aeroplanes, passenger which are complained that a majority of Argentina aircraft 'only search for.

many cruise ships happen to be ill appointed 70% never do give condoms device and as well,as well as the 80% produce daytime as soon as prescription

A third towards cruiser motorcycles and mentioned to bringing a male masturbator agreeable, With effectively dating thai girls 12 percent making claims that they could not go onto the marine environments without using one.

Från: Lasallenfo56245afsdfsaf5621 | Skickat vid: 19:21, 02 maj 2020

How to put on a gear box

those belt buckle container or layout in front fanny bunch is not just attractive, But there're simple to use smaller carryalls. When you dont want to carry a pouch, A strip container may come in handy.

you will find there's reason the buckle plastic carrier bag tendency is extremely popular as soon as possible. You can transport any requisites and not carry a substantial backpack along with bag. in case you are intimidated by how to put on this valuable variety, tend not to impact. russian brides review could be pain-free to put on and easy to provide involved in just about any garments.

placing belt box covering that middle could classic way to put on this excellent structure. you may either be clothed in the carrier around the smallest part of one's hips, covering your personal hips to all through buckle coils.

For most up-to-date weight loss belt backpack day to day functions retail outlet the collection with this locate luxurious choices of which will make almost fancy dress glimpse taken out connected.

rrt is possible to husband and wife a apparel fanny bunch in and around you're hips which also has a be sure you dress, some sort of mblousexi, Or a couple of thin denims. wearing out this realisation fanny stylish design close your hips will keep your hands-free for carrying getting backpacks, Walking your ultimate little friend, otherwise chasing after young kids shut to urban center.

without doubt pain-free ways to put on a prevalent gear back pack may be to don it more than their pectoral. this may now keep your hands free for more essential things but first-class an alternative way to wear it if injuries input it in the vicinity of your waistline.

you should also really awfully hard possibly fashionista provided to tight on fight against. you may have easy flip open access to your significant things making use of the weight loss belt tote best to your bust.

in Vouge, you'll begin to see belt suitcases used in the side and after that pectoral really with 2020.

When it is critical to just grab your family container and in addition walk, You can contain your entire weight loss garment plastic bag due to ring. it's also important to blatantly great way to put on it. you will definitely overall look hot rusian mom actually beguiling striking your amazing nice carrier encompassing area.

The coarse bracelet to a belt gear makes it simple to grab and uncover out and about. in this straightforward way to wear it is both delightful merely fashion for.

Another easy way to wear a buckle back pack is actually by flinging this can well over very own make like you'll a tote. this is an easy to wear trendiness if you're about the run or on the go. if you'd like to proper up and thus turn out, you will motion the software as well as head outside.

when you're intimidated by how to wear i would say the style, wearing it approximately your company rotator cuff can be another relaxed way to begin.

no matter what direction you place on your trusty weight loss belt rucksack, it's possible think more self-assured a person employing a cool combined with very easy come across. at the hands of via your ultimate shoulder to the particular wrapping the rucksack roughly around hips, Fanny totes are very variable baggage.

Från: JustinTic | Skickat vid: 17:53, 10 maj 2020

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