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Spam i nya smaker: nu med thriller-krydda

Kul omväxling till välgörenhets-varianten. Överste Buba tycka ha blandat ihop min mejladress med general Joe's...

good day sir,
Gen joe,is me col buba,i will go straight to the point because i dont have much time to spend here,if not for the laptop the prison wader smuggled in to the prison for me i wouldnt have send this mail to you.
There is money i kept in spain during my service in the Army now the Nigerian government is looking for all my money to prove to court that i am guilty of stealing government money and to use that and retain me in jail forever,i dont want them to get close to that money.
So i want you to forward this code... SAHARA HERE I COME AT 50am... to my attorney at which he will in return send you all the information and the document wich will enable you to withdraw the money and keep it in your account. I dont want you to discuss anything about my investment in your country with my attorney because i dont want him to know too much. The money is $ him immediately and dont reply this mail to me because i will not have the opportunity to recieve it.
It took me more than six months to plan this laptop arrangement with the prison wader.
I remain loyal sir.
best of regard
col buba

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28 apr 2005


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