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Om "aliens" i Guardian

"92 per cent of respondents told one American poll that they believe spacemen are already living among us. You would never get such a yes vote for God, or the euro (...)"
Guardian: Why aliens still beguile us, 13 mars 2005
Bryan Appleyards bok Aliens recenseras i Guardian, som också noterar att klassiska sf-kultserien Dr.Who kommer med en ny omgång:
"At the time of the original Dr Who, the notion of other worlds symbolised dreams of uncharted frontiers. Those who will watch the new series are inhabitants of an inward-looking country whose leaders warn that we must sacrifice some ideals of freedom and justice to avoid a threat that, for security reasons, cannot be spelled out. The evidence for hundreds of al-Qaeda operatives stalking Britain is as elusive as the proof that visiting Plutonians make crop circles."

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14 mar 2005


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