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"Bloggare kommer att rädda högern"

"It's going to be very rough."
Iain Duncan Smith, som ledde det konservativa partiet i Storbritannien från 2001 till 2003, lovar att högern kommer att använda bloggar i ett stormanfall mot traditionella media och labour:
"For decades the national conversation in most western countries has been directed by a few talking heads. (...) But all of this looks set to change because of the blogosphere. (...)

Blogger communities are going to be much more powerful. They will draw together not only local people but patients who have waited and waited for NHS care. They will organise parents of disabled children who oppose Labour's closure of special-needs schools and evangelical Christians who see their beliefs caricatured by ignorant commentators.

Because of the internet, the masses beyond the metropolitan fringe will soon be on the move. They will expose the lazy journalists who reduce every important public policy issue to how it affects opinion-poll ratings.

Tired of being spoon-fed their politics, British voters will soon be calling virtual town hall meetings, and they will take a serious look at the messenger as well as the message."

Bloggers will rescue the right. Beat the metropolitan elite with the tactics of US conservatives, Guardian 19 feb 2005

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19 feb 2005


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