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Söt mini-science fiction-skräckis av Ian Stewart på - en viral internetversion av Fredric Browns klassiska "Svaret":
"It all seemed such a good idea, didn't it? Controlling your computer by the power of your mind? It never occurred to you that it might cut both ways. The adverts play up the advantages of installing a 'telepathic interface', don't they? They tell you that it will endow your mind with ESP, psi, supernatural powers, whatever. So, like everyone else, you had an Extel neurochip implanted in your brain, connecting you to the Espernet.(...)

They don't tell you about the downside, do they, Charlie? What the adverts don't mention is that as soon as you hook your brain up to the Espernet, anyone who can hack the net can hack straight into your mind. (...)

Still worrying about your mindshield? Oh dear. You really got taken for a ride there. You'd be surprised at just how much psionic spam gets through commercial psam filters. They're OK for deleting unwanted offers of Psiagra or Psialis, but they're much too simple-minded to keep me out."
Ian Stewart: Play it again, Psam (, 3 feb 2005)

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07 feb 2005


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