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"[Cheriton] reckons the internet is dangerously insecure - a verdict few would disagree with. But what held the audience's rapt attention was his radical solution. 'Look at the way things are going,' he says. 'From phone networks to banking, power distribution and air-traffic control systems, just about every critical communication network will soon rely on the internet. And that makes us all vulnerable.'

'Unless we do something soon, the internet will become the largest target of attack on the planet in terms of doing economic damage.' "
The Age: One man's quest to save the world (wide web), 23 nov 2004 (min kursivering)
David Cheriton, professor i vid Stanford, tror mer på samarbetande maskiner än på kryptering för att rädda nätet att kollpasa under spam och virus:
"Controversially, he claims NAT [Network Address Translation] might do a better job of securing the net against attack than IPv6's encryption features. 'Encryption and authentication don't get you any safety,' he says, as they rely on keeping the encryption key secret.

'As soon as that secret is out, and all secrets leak in the end, the security vanishes.'

Spammers and malicious hackers would no longer be able to cover their tracks by faking the source of rogue data packets because NAT machines would act like gatekeepers." (min kursivering)
Jag fann det här intressant:
"The NAT boxes will talk among themselves like neighbourhood gossips on a party-line to discover who is looking after a particular name. But crucially for Cheriton's idea of making the system secure, they share information about rogue data packets. Instead of being the silent Balkanisers of the net, NAT boxes would become its chattiest and most dutiful citizens."

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25 nov 2004


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