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Mejl som kampanjmedel: Bush var bättre

"Although I don't actually claim that Bush won because of usability, I do think that wise use of email newsletters contributed to his victory. I analyzed the email newsletters sent out by both candidates in the week prior to the election. (...)

As this analysis shows, Kerry supporters were bombarded by repeated fundraising requests, to the extent that many of them probably tuned out the newsletter in the final critical days. Although the Internet is great for collecting money from the masses, there is a limit. Kerry exceeded it.

Bush sent more messages than Kerry asking supporters to get other voters to go to the polls and vote for him. This is a more appropriate use of the newsletter medium because it connects emotionally with subscribers. Being treated as an active participant in the civics process is more motivating than being regarded as an open wallet."
Daily Kos: How BC04 made better use of its email list, 8 nov 2004
Tidigare har Jakob Nielsen analyserat kandidaternas mejl-kampanjer ur användbarhets-synpunkt:
"Subject lines were universally lame, with Kerry having the most user-repellant subjects, like 'Tonight,' 'Don't stop now,' and 'Deadline almost here.' Why would anybody think that those messages were anything but spam? Bush had somewhat better subject lines, like 'Kerry's Flip Flop Olympics,' and 'Participate in W ROCKS in Alameda County,' though he also had content-free subjects like 'Brace Yourselves.' (20 sep 2004)

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09 nov 2004


I only saw the Kerry side of things and must say that Daily Kos and Jakob Nielsen's respective analysis are right on. I got so bored with having big-shot democrats beg for money is so many so boring emails, that I just deleted them like other spam.

Similarly, in the snail-mail box for that matter. I gave pretty generously to the Kerry campaign - the first time I have ever donated to a political campaign. While it is impossible to measure it,I am pretty sure that the democrats sent me snail mail of equal cost to the money I had donated. Thus, rather than providing funding for advertising or get-out-the-vote drives in Ohio and Florida, it felt like the money primarily was used to try to squeeze even more bux out of me. For me it was annoying and disappointing, for others, perhaps a true turn-off.

Från: Pehr Jansson | Skickat vid: 14:39, 09 november 2004

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