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Have a baby, in Sweden

"If you are going to give birth anywhere in the world you are best advised to do it in Sweden.

According to this year's Save the Children survey Sweden is ranked as the best place in the world to have a baby, followed by Denmark, Norway and Switzerland.(...)

I have lived, worked and paid huge taxes in Sweden for the last three years. Now that I am pregnant I am beginning to finally enjoy the benefit of the Swedish Tax system. (...) I am the envy of all my friends round the world who have babies."
Patricia Lumsden: Baby booms in the Swedish summer, Telegraph (12 okt 2004)

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15 okt 2004


Thank you Thank YOU THANK YOU ! I have been saying that if George Bush wins the election, we are leaving the US. I've had it with paying my tax dollars for insipid wars. Much better to have taxes go to "pappaledighet". Annie is advocating for Ireland or France over Sweden. However, as we are hoping for a little sibling for the baby that is now on the way, your post may add some major incentives to my argument for Sweden as our exile from Republican idiocy.

Från: Pehr Jansson | Skickat vid: 8:39, 15 oktober 2004

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