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Apple iPodTre notiser om iPod:
"And, best of all, compared to most obnoxious, bug-addled, instantly disposable gadgets in the world today, the iPod actually works. Beautifully. Elegantly. Clearly. Like nothing that came before it and like a thousand things that will attempt to come after it because it's one of those trendsetting life-altering devices..."
Det är Mark Morford som hyllar iPod:
"You - yes, you - can say you were there for the advent of the Apple iPod. The very first one. The red-hot must-have gizmo of Now. The smooth white plastic love lump of Yes. The Gadget That Changed Everything even though everything was pretty much already completely changed and everyone was pretty much already like, damn, can things even change much anymore? And then the iPod hit and the answer was a clear, delicious, hell yes."

SFGate: Worship My Radiant iPod / Where were you when the cultural revolution happened again for the very first time?, (23 juli 2004)
Duke University låter alla sina nya elever få en:
"'Whoa!' said rising Duke freshman Mollie Tucker of Raleigh when she learned she'd pocket an iPod. 'It sounds like a good idea. It sounds really cool.'

When she arrives Aug. 19, her iPod will be loaded with all kinds of useful information, including orientation schedules, calendars, campus tours, even the Duke fight song.

Students also can use them for course content, such as recorded lectures, music, language lessons and audio books. Throughout the year, they will be able to download information through a Duke Web site modeled after Apple's iTunes site..." Duke freshmen will be attuned to iPods, (20 juli 2004)
(Mer om projektet på Dukes egen FAQ-sida om "the iPod project".)

Och Wired berättar en del om iPodens tillkomsthistoria:
"Apple CEO Steve Jobs molded the device's shape, feel and design.

'The interesting thing about the iPod, is that since it started, it had 100 percent of Steve Jobs' time,' said Knauss. 'Not many projects get that. He was heavily involved in every single aspect of the project.' (...)

'They'd have meetings and Steve would be horribly offended he couldn't get to the song he wanted in less than three pushes of a button,' Knauss said. 'We'd get orders: 'Steve doesn't think it's loud enough, the sharps aren't sharp enough, or the menu's not coming up fast enough.' Every day there were comments from Steve saying where it needed to be.' "
Wired News: Inside Look at Birth of the IPod, (21 juli 2004)

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