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"Someone told me about an ingenious way that spammers were cracking 'captchas' - the distorted graphic words that a human being has to key into a box before Yahoo and Hotmail and similar services will give her a free email account. The idea is to require a human being and so prevent spammers from automatically generating millions of free email accounts.

The ingenious crack is to offer a free porn site which requires that you key in the solution to a captcha - which has been inlined from Yahoo or Hotmail - before you can gain access. Free porn sites attract lots of users around the clock, and the spammers were able to generate captcha solutions fast enough to create as many throw-away email accounts as they wanted."
Läs hela "Solving and creating captchas with free porn", 27 jan.

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28 jan 2004


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"Which suggests a curious future, where commodity pornography, in great quantities, is used to incent human actors to generate and solve Turing tests like captchas in similarily great quantities."

Från: Erik | Skickat vid: 10:53, 28 januari 2004

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