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Lexikalisk analys

Och Tom Engelhardt gör en lexikalisk analys av Bushs "State of the union":
"In the first half of the speech [which focused on America in the world], the words 'terror' or 'terrorists' were used 14 times; some form of 'kill' ('killers', 'killed', 'killing') 10 times; war 7 times; and that doesn't count the various stand-ins for war or warlike actions ('aggressive raids', 'attack', 'offensive', 'patrols', 'operations', 'battle', 'armored charges', 'midnight raids', (...) Among other words occurring at least once were: patrolling, vigilance, assassins, disrupt, seize, tragedy, trial, catch, fear, chaos, carnage, torture, tyrant, tyranny, despair, anger, brutal, hateful propaganda, prison cell, shake the will.

This list is by no means a full one. And note that this part of the speech - about the first twenty minutes or so of what 60 millions Americans tuned into - was a mere 2,254 words long.

This then is the world, as painted in words, of our 'somber' and 'determined' president. Can anyone doubt that it's a vision meant to scare Americans to death? You simply can't write such words so many times over and in such variety without conscious intent. (...) This is the world made 'safer' by the capture of Saddam Hussein."
(Words must be credible, 22 jan)

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22 jan 2004


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