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Mer om Lego

Det programmerbara Mindstorm-legot har varit för dyrt att utveckla:
"Lego said Thursday it was expecting a $237.6 million pretax loss, the worst in the privately held company's 72-year history. (...)

The company now plans to stop making the electronics and movie tie-in products and return to its core mission: producing colored plastic building blocks for children.

'We would rather be in control of our own products, the things that we can decide.'"
(Yahoo News: Lego Fires Two Executives, Mulls Layoff, 8 jan)
"The LEGO Company will focus on the fundamental product idea, as represented by the LEGO brick and the values of the LEGO Brand. It is a timeless and universal idea, which the consumers confirm they value highly, as clearly indicated in 2003: In spite of the general decline in sales, sales of Make & Create, the core products, were more than doubled.
(Legos pressreleaser: Loss of DKK 1.4bn in the LEGO Company in 2003, 8 jan)
[Uppsnappat via DrPeppar]

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11 jan 2004


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