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"When it comes to war crimes committed in his own country, however, Aznar is quite a bit less than a champion of human rights and historical accountability..."
"All mass graves are equal, but some are more equal than others." Billmon kommenterar New Yorkers artikel om sökandet efter Federico Garcia Lorcas grav: (Originalet finns ej på nätet).
"It is estimated that during [the Civil War] some five hundred thousand people were killed. Of these, perhaps a hundred thousand were executed, and, among the executed, some thirty thousand were disposed of without a trace. (...)

One organization, for example, the Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory, is working to locate and excavate mass grave sites, in an effort to identify at least some of Franco's victims.

So far, Anzar's goverment has refused to assume any of the costs or play any role whatsoever in these efforts. But, according to The New Yorker, the government is paying to exhume the bodies of members of the Division Azul, a unit of Spanish volunteers that fought side by side with Hitler's Wehrmacht on the Eastern Front."

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17 dec 2003


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