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26 nov 2003


47 råkar förresten vara det antal inlägg jag har i min RSS-aggregator i kanalen "Feedster RSS Search Results for Linköping".

Från: David Pettersson | Skickat vid: 2:06, 26 november 2003

Sen kan man ju använda Google News:

47 Horror Schools: Committee Blasts Education Department, Teachers, Parents And Pupils

Governor General to invest 47 individuals into the Order of Military Merit

Exporters’ exposure to shekel appreciation up 47% to $8.1b in 2003

Undersized and previously winless Flyers pulled it out in ‘ 47

Catching up with Sherman Smith: No. 47 coaches Eddie George now

47 pupils fall sick after meal

Spännande det där. En känd 47 är ju AK-47.

Från: David Pettersson | Skickat vid: 2:10, 26 november 2003

"Matt is intimate with numbers. They come to him in dreams and inspire him to write songs. One of his tunes on the album Groovin' on Mount Everest is called "Forty-Seven" - a number he feels is "lonely" because when he asks people to think up a random number, no one ever chooses it."

Från: stefan | Skickat vid: 2:03, 27 november 2003

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