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Lynching private Lynch

Den beundransvärde Billmon om Jessica Lynch:
"Interestingly enough, Lynch - who was never more than a passive participant in her capture and rescue - suddenly has taken an active role in that bigger story. In her interview with Sawyer, Lynch supposedly says she believes she was manipulated and exploited by the military to build support for the war.

This immediately poses a problem for the people who did the manipulating and the exploiting -- and for the people who believed them. Having a pretty blonde soldier (GI Barbie) to dress up as a war hero is one thing. But having atalking Barbie, and one that doesn't just repeat the little catch phrases burned onto her chip, is another.

So now Private Lynch has to be lynched, a job which the vast right-wing conspiracy has taken up with gusto. A reader wrote in yesterday to tell me that attacking Lynch has suddenly become the topic de jour on conservative talk radio:
"One guy just called in and said 'Lynch is a disgrace and proof that women shouldn't be in the military.'

One caller says he 'wanted to punch her teeth out.'

Caller just said 'She ain't no hero.' "
It seems our true-blue hawks, who only a few months ago were insisting Jessica Lynch was an American hero, and that anyone who doubted her story was a stinking terrorist lover, are now telling us that Lynch is a national disgrace, and that anyone who believes her is a stinking terrorist lover.

If, as Marx once said, anti-semitism is the socialism of idiots, then clearly, talk radio is the fascism of idiots. (I know, I know - what other kind is there? But even for idiots these people are idiots.)"
Läs hela Lynching Private Lynch.

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10 nov 2003


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