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Lösningen bidrar till problemet?

Steve Talbott i senaste utsändningen av sitt nyhetsbrev NetFuture:
"When I send out NetFuture, I receive back more and more automated requests from spam blockers inviting me to go to some website or other and verify that NetFuture is a legitimate publication. I never respond to these requests. Apart from the impracticality of the situation (imagine hundreds or thousands of subscribers employing such blockers) I regard the requests themselves as spam. 'Please come on over to my website and click on a button or two' sure sounds like spam to me.

It's a good illustration of a point I frequently make: the attempt to automate solutions to human problems all too easily contributes to a worsening of the problems, which may have arisen in the first place from the automation of formerly personal transactions.
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30 okt 2003


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