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Bushs krig mot kvinnorna

Bland det jag finner mest motbjudande med Bush-regeringen är att de i frågor om kvinnors hälsa ställt sig på samma sida som de islamska fundamentalister man annars bekämpar. Som resultatet drar man ner bidrag till hälsoprogram i tredje världen kraftigt.

Chris Floyd går till våldsamt angrepp, men jag kan inte tycka annat än att vreden är berättigad:
"Many of these clinics provide the only maternal and postnatal care available for millions of destitute women and their children. They are the only place where the world's most downtrodden and uneducated women can receive information about reproduction and birth control, or treatment for AIDS, genital mutilation and rape. All across Africa and Asia, these clinics - including many run by Bush's beloved "faith-based organizations" - are closing up as they lose their American funding. Yet this funding itself is a mere pittance from the war-fattened federal purse - less than one day's spending on Bush's rape of Iraq.

It is simply a fact that thousands of women and infant children will die needless deaths in the coming year because of Bush's edicts. He could have saved them; instead he has killed them. He has chosen to stand with terrorists and tyrants in the fundamentalists' war against women."
Hans analys av kvinnors hälsa som den stora delande stridsfrågan vet jag inte om jag håller med om - men jag tycker den är intressant:
"The defining issue of modernity is control of women's fertility. (...) Almost every other aspect of 'the modern' - science and technology, high finance, industrialization, etc. - has been absorbed, in one form or another, by the most 'traditionalist' societies. But what today's fundamentalists - from Osama bin Laden to George W. Bush to Pope John Paul II, from the American-backed warlords of Afghanistan to the anti-American mullahs of Iran - cannot accept, at any cost, is the freedom of a woman's body."
Läs hela på Counterpunch: Bush Joins Worldwide War on Women

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13 okt 2003


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