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Devil in disguise

"Sent i går kväll jagade amerikanska styrkor Saddam Hussein med helikoptrar och marktrupper i byn el-Arabi, utanför Mosul i norra Irak.   - Han är som Elvis, säger general David Patraeus"
(Aftonbladet 1/9: Intensiv jakt på Saddam i natt)
Besvärligt, eftersom Elvis inte kan dö. Se t.ex. den lilla akademiska avhandlingen A debate on whether Elvis Presley really died in 1977 or is still alive today:
"Then there is the inordinate weight gain. Upon death, Elvis was reported to weigh 250 pounds. But, when the pallbearers carried the coffin, it weighed 900 pounds. The ‘Wax Body’ theory currently circulating posits the possibility that a wax body was made in the likeness of Elvis and put in the coffin. The extra weight of the coffin is a result of an air-conditioning unit installed in the coffin to keep the wax body from melting. This theory does provide an explanation for all the little discrepancies aforementioned."
"...if one looks at the events before and after his ‘accidental death,’ in conjunction with Elvis’ strange behavior in the weeks leading up to it, it does seem plausible that Elvis’s death is a sham and he continues to walk amongst us."

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01 sep 2003


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