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Blair vs. Bush

"One of the saddest results of our war in Iraq is that it may finish off Tony Blair before Saddam Hussein."
Läsvärd jämförelse av Nicholas Kristof i New York Times (även om man inte håller med om allt):
"...Mr. Blair is perhaps the leading statesman in the world today and Mr. Bush is regarded by much of the globe as a dimwitted cowboy.(---)

The main reason is that the White House overdosed on moral clarity.

Mr. Bush always exudes a sense that the issues are crystal clear and that anyone who disagrees with him is playing political games. This fervor worked fine in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, and in proper doses, moral clarity is admirable. But too much hobbles policy-making and insults our intelligence."
Läs hela In Blair We Trust i NY Times.
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14 jul 2003


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