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Salam aleikum

"Baghdad Blogger" - tidigare känd som Salaam Pax - om skillnaden mellan USA- och UK-kontrollerade områden i Irak:
"The next thing was getting into Basra and being stopped at the checkpoint. One soldier in a floppy hat waving his hand for you to slow down, and when you lower the window he actually greets you with "al salamu alaikum". That got him some appreciative giggles - imagine that happening in Baghdad. Everybody here in Basra is so much more laid back, even after the incidents in al-Majar al-Kabir. To their credit they didn't decide to punish the whole population and clamp down on them."
Läs hela i Guardian.

Tidigare på Blind Höna om skillnader och schabloner USA-Storbritannien: Anti-amerikanism och amerikanism (5 april).
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02 jul 2003


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